Trapping talk


While standing in front of the Montanan's for Trap-Free Public Lands booth at the Apple Days festivities in Hamilton, I witnessed one of our members getting elbowed in the stomach and pushed back into a propane heater by a man who was obviously unhappy with our gathering of signatures.

We are trying to get an initiative on the ballot that would let people vote on whether recreational trapping on public lands in Montana should continue. The 63-year-old gentleman who was elbowed was the same fellow whose dog got caught in a couple of leg hold traps last winter. He has been helping us ever since.

We were all shocked to see the anger that gets directed our way by members of the opposition and we wonder: Whatever happened to civil discourse? Numerous studies are consistent in reporting that people who are cruel to animals are much more likely to be violent toward other people.

Is trapping cruel to animals? Is it appropriate on our shared public land? Let's let the voters decide in November 2010. Please sign our petition to help get the question on the ballot.

Roger W. De Haan


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