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I'm not just mad, I'm furious. Our senators have apparently forgotten their oath of office that committed them to uphold the Constitution. Sens. Tester and Baucus and other elected officials have violated their oaths and violated the rule of law, literally risking the foundations of this great country, with the pending attempt to nationalize our health insurance and health care industries.

There is nothing in history or government theory that could make us believe these socialistic schemes will be successful or beneficial. They will increase our already out-of-control debt, decrease the quality and accessibility of health care, and will decrease our personal freedoms. But the real danger is they violate the rule of law upon which the freedoms and prosperity of our nation depends.

Similarly, attempts to control and tax our energy industries are equally illegal and unconstitutional, and must be vigorously opposed.

The boiler-plate responses I have received from Tester and Baucus in response to my previous inputs—my positive inputs—concerning these issues only serve to convince me that they are not listening. In fact, neither acknowledged nor responded to my particular issues, but simply parroted the "party line." How patronizing and how disrespectful of their constituency!

In the past I have appealed to Tester and Baucus to be statesmen, not politicians. Now I appeal to them to be patriots, not traitors.

Dennis W. Hicks



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