Haiti and clean energy


With the recent devastation in Haiti, all hearts are heavy and saddened (see “Right place, right time,” Jan. 21, 2010). This goes for our children as well. I am a mother of two boys, and recently as I was driving them to school, my oldest son was asking questions about it. He is a beautiful child who tends to look for the positive lesson in everything. After expressing sadness (mostly for the children there) he told me that maybe this is a good reminder to take really good care of our Mother Earth. He is always pushing my husband and me to be better when it comes to our planet and all on it, which brings me to the purpose for my letter.

I believe, even in this terribly sad time, to keep in the front of our mind just how important care for our environment is. Clean energy is in the forefront of this movement, and it will do far more than clean up this Earth that we will be leaving to our children and theirs. It will also assist in creating jobs, and comprehensive energy and climate policy will save American families an average of $900 a year by 2030. Comprehensive climate and energy policies can save businesses nearly $130 billion a year by 2030. We can save American households $1,050 a year by 2020 and $4,400 a year by 2030 through energy efficiency.

As a mother who is trying to make ends meet while still upholding the wishes of my children to care for the planet they will be raising their families on, these statistics look good. In fact, the benefits of a clean energy economy are clear, the cost of doing nothing is too high. Now is the time to assist with life saving, cleanup and rebuilding in Haiti. Still, through our time of grief, and even while we assist those in their devastation and struggle, please, don’t put down this movement. Our children are counting on us.

Beth Schreiber


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