Sounding the alarm


James Balog is full of baloney (see “On the rocks,” Feb. 18, 2010). He’s just a photographer, evidently with no science education, who provides erroneous information. For example, he claims Greenland is melting. However, that’s a gross exaggeration—it’s only melting around the edges, which it has done in the past. It melted enough during the Medieval Warm Period to allow Vikings to settle there and raise crops, until the Little Ice Age drove them out. The main ice sheet, with the vast majority of the ice, is in no danger of melting. The ice cores Balog cites actually reveal that increases in carbon dioxide occur hundreds of years after warming begins. The warming oceans release CO2 into the atmosphere.

Balog suggests that the melting of snow and ice of Mt. Kilimanjaro is due to human-caused greenhouse warming. But researchers conclude that the real cause is deforestation of the lower slopes, which removes the source of moisture that falls as snow and ice at the upper elevations.

Basically, Balog photographs natural occurrences, such as melting glaciers, in time-lapse mode, so he can attempt to frighten people. He’s just another misguided global warming alarmist.

Roger Stang


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