Congrats on collaboration


My congratulations go out to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for taking the initiative to show his support for Sen. Jon Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. With the increasing awareness of everyone’s need to cooperate and collaborate with each other along with my own support for the bill, I am pleased to see that these two prominent decision makers have reached a consensus with one another.

As a forestry student in Missoula studying operations and restoration, I am exposed to the economic reality and the need to reopen lumber mills. I am in complete support of wilderness and believe that this bill will be extremely effective at incorporating these two opposites. The bill is groundbreaking and well thought out through its use of post-project monitoring, yet like any bill it will take vast amounts of time and money to accomplish.


Like anything at the governmental level, it takes willingness to put oneself out there, and I’d like to thank Secretary Vilsack for coming to Montana to show his support for this great collaboration effort.

Chris Freistadt


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