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I'd like to weigh in on a substance abuse issue that gets little attention. When life is threatened, children's health risked, and everyone endangered, it's time to criminalize the offending substance.

Recent studies demonstrate that women pass the condition to their fetuses, then continue feeding addiction to their growing children. These parents should be sent to rehab and their kids removed until they get clean.

America is addicted to junk food. Obesity is epidemic. Our Christian nation needs to crack down on the deadly sin of gluttony.

Fast food joints lurk on every street corner fueling this wicked habit. From McDonalds to mini-marts there's no escaping the pushers. Ubiquitous billboards entice our kids with detailed depictions of doughnuts, pizza and other fiendish temptations.

Victims so immense they're forced to drive gargantuan gas guzzlers easily get a fix without leaving the comfort of their bucket seat. Clutching Big Macs in swollen fingers, Big Gulps shoved between pudgy knees, cigarettes dangling from puffy lips, cell phones propped under multiple chins, all hyped up on a sugar high, they hit the roads. Driving while fat (DWF) is a hazard that could kill anyone at any time when massive heart failure strikes at 85 mph on the freeway.

As Arizona profiles people for looking suspiciously un-American, these less- than-anonymous overeaters can be easily apprehended. Fat chance of that because, unlike drunks and druggies, food junkies can't run (very fast) and they can't hide behind a badge, in a suit or under a robe.

Although the preceding is hyperbole, it's no more absurd than the current medical marijuana debate. A better case can be made against fat than pot, proving fatheads shouldn't judge potheads.

Wanda LaCroix


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