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As a lifelong Democrat, I’ve not seen a more qualified candidate for the Montana House of Representatives than moderate Republican candidate Don Harbaugh. Frankly, in terms of Don’s broad lifetime credentials, skill set, integrity and community experience, we could not have a more clear decision and contrast for Rattlesnake Valley, Seeley Lake and Condon voters than in the current House District 92 race.

Don Harbaugh is a man with decades of community investment across two Missoula public high schools (Sentinel and Hellgate) as teacher and principal, where he’s had thousands of our children daily in his care. Don also understands the private sector as a former successful business owner.

For years, Harbaugh has invested his personal time and resources in Missoula area humanitarian work for the homeless and countless other long-term service projects. In addition to Don’s strong people skills, Don was raised on an eastern Montana ranch. This particularly equips Don in building consensus with strong-minded eastern Montana legislators on educational and other key issues facing us in the next biennium, like Montana’s projected $350 million budget deficit.

Voters can learn much about candidates by accessing their Montana C-5 reports. Sites like www.followthemoney.org provide additional indications of candidate focus and support. My analysis of these two sources show, as of Oct. 4, 91 percent of Don Harbaugh’s contributions have come from Missoula County and only 3 percent—three of Don’s relatives—are from out of state. By strong contrast, only 32 percent of Bryce Bennett’s contributions are from Missoula County, while 32 percent are from out of state along with 6 percent still unidentified. Washington, D.C., is listed as the second largest city, outside of Missoula, for Bennett’s contributions. Out of state and out of county contributors are pouring in money to fund Bennett’s narrow focused agenda. By contrast, Don Harbaugh will truly legislate for all of us and do so out of his deep, proven, centrist common sense roots in Missoula County.

Robert J. Luceno



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