Tauting Toole


It’s not hard to sense the anger in the electorate right now. Corporate interests and the public officials who have been co-opted by them have made a mockery of the political process. That’s why now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that we retain the courageous officials who fight for our interests. The absolute last thing we should do is toss out a champion of the people and replace him with a corporate insider who seeks to preside over regulating the very industry in which he works.


Ken Toole is our champion in PSC 5. While in the state Senate, Ken adamantly fought against energy deregulation. Most politicians sided with big energy and Ken lost that battle, but we all now realize how courageous and correct his stance was. That failed decision led to skyrocketing energy costs for Montanans and an about-face by those who had opposed Ken. Ken has also fought for Montanans while on the PSC by obtaining $16 million in rate reductions for us and ensuring that Qwest extend broadband service to much of rural Montana.

While Ken is an unabashed advocate for the people, his opponent Bill Gallagher is an unapologetic industry insider. Gallagher operates a corporation that would be regulated by the PSC. Worse, this company is partially owned by a Nevada-based corporation about which he refuses to provide details. We’ve been rightfully angered from big oil running Minerals Management Service, and Wall Street running the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now a utility operator wants to sit on the PSC? Haven’t we all had just about enough of corporate interests muddying our waters?

Before you vote in the PSC race, remember that Ken Toole has a long history of being our champion against big business. If the state had more like him in office, we would have a lot lower energy bills, and we would all have a lot less to be angry about.


Ryan Busse


Montana Conservation Voters


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