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In his letter under the heading "Mainstream Misses" (see letters, Oct. 28, 2010), Matt L. O'Connor congratulated the Independent on publishing the 10 biggest stories ignored by the major news outlets. He urged that people should "start looking for alternative sources for news" and asked, "Where else can one turn?" besides the Independent.

Actually, there are numerous publications of the alternative press that cover stories omitted or given short shrift by the mainstream media and expose corruption, fraud, lies, deceit and obfuscation by big business, government, religion, lobbyists, the wealthy and some individuals. A list of several of them appears below. Besides these, a dozen or more environmental organizations publish newsletters and magazines that expose the horrific environmental destruction by greedy corporations and governments.

The Nation, The Progressive, The Progressive Populist, Mother Jones, In These Times, High Country News, Counter-Punch, Hightower Lowdown, Montana Human Rights Network publications, ACLU publications, Planned Parenthood publications and Population Connection's The Reporter.

The addresses of most of these can be gotten off the Internet. Some have websites that provide information beyond that in their print publications.

John M. Crowley


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