Defending Happy Meals


In San Francisco, a City Board of Supervisors voted 8–3 to prohibit fast food restaurants from providing toys in "Happy Meals" that contain more than 600 calories. Well, their price is decent and you "rich idiots" don't realize that some families can't afford a $7 hamburger.

When a state allows a group of "health food nuts" to regulate what a person or child can or can't eat, we have allowed communism to take over our brains and our bodies, too. "Happy Meals" may be the only treat some child may get, toy included. They sure as heck aren't going to eat the toy!

Have you ever been poor? I was 14 years old before I even got to taste a restaurant hamburger and fries. It was good! I did not die from it and somehow survived bacon, butter and potatoes for 79 years.

Are they next going to put a government bracelet on every person and child to be sure they don't overeat or watch television over an hour a day? If people carry a few extra pounds, that's their business.

It's legal to smoke "marijuana," but illegal to eat french fries? Wow, whose brain will go first?

It's time we stopped being brainwashed. Stand up for yourself!

Wilma Bick


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