David, Goliath, trucks


The earth has never before seen destruction on this large a scale. Gigantic machines of mass destruction might be crammed through the pristine valleys of the last best place by a monstrous corporation historically incapable of compassion for the earth or its inhabitants.

Word has it that there will not be but 200 of these huge earth raping machines—thousands more will follow. It is our responsibility as the current caretakers of this place to stand up and fight—as Davids against the Goliath.

The tar sands should be left alone for now—until better answers are found. We can surely wait a while longer; Exxon can wait a while longer—that reserve is going nowhere.

Please contact Gov. Brian Schweitzer at 406-444-3111 or governor@mt.gov to let him know how it important it is to stop and think. Simply say: "Please help stop Exxon because haste makes waste," and he'll get the idea.

David McEwen


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