Moral rectitude


Is the global warming debate over? Definitely (see “Climate change is not real,” Jan. 6, 2011). Thank you political left/global warming believers for finally ascending to the moral high ground so long held, and in contempt, by the political right. I see now that there you are drinking mightily from the glass of moral rectitude. But beware: Too much of that intoxicating brew can cause a bad hangover of which history is rife with examples. Was it not moral rectitude that started the Crusades and the sacking of Constantinople? Was it not responsible for the burning of the witches at Salem? Was it not responsible for the prohibition of alcohol and drugs? Was it not responsible for the wholesale racism of people of color in America? And was it not moral rectitude responsible, in part, for driving a bullet through the brain of an Arizona congresswoman?

Now that you have moral rectitude, global warming believers, how long before you start pumping lead into global warming deniers? “Oh, but we would never do that, we’re too open minded.” If you believe that line obviously you believe the lines “I never had sex with that woman” and “This war is not about oil, it’s about weapons of mass destruction.”

“But we know we’re right and we’re certain of it!” That’s what all of the above said too and look what it has done to us.

John Marshall

Hot Springs

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