Put down the gun, Gov.


What is the governor doing holding a rifle in his office? (See “Schweitzer’s last stand,” Jan. 13, 2011.) Please tell me he is telling you a hunting story. No, no mention of that in the caption. Oh, I see clever play on your title “Schweitzer’s last stand.” No. That is a really offensive depiction and I am so sorry the governor took part in that representation. If Gov. Schweitzer requested this picture, I want to know.

In light of the shooting in Tucson, this is a horrible idea, no matter what your clever story line is. Even without the shooting of a member of Congress in her hometown last week, America has had too much violent rhetoric.

It would be nice to foster respect and model non-violent communication. There is a subliminal message in the photo: “It’s my way or the highway—or I’ll shoot you.” This is a really, really bad message.

Sarah Lane


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