In defense of regulations


The Montana Legislature is attacking our right to clean air, clean water and public health (see “Natural disaster,” Feb. 17, 2011). If successful, their actions will destroy most, if not all, protections against pollution created by industry. These companies have a history of making huge profits extracting natural resources from Montana and leaving us with health hazards, tax burdens and Superfund sites. Some people would have us believe industries cannot operate under regulations. This is false. We can, and have been operating economically viable industries that employ Montanans, while protecting clean air, clean water and public health. Our natural beauty and wildlife attract millions of tourists and their dollars every year. These industries are already successfully operating within the regulations the Legislature is working to dissolve. The array of bills coming out of the Legislature seeking to undermine public involvement, strip environmental regulations, nullify key national environmental protection laws and in general ignore science are just mind-boggling.

Please contact your state representatives. Tell them how important clean air, clean water and public health are to your family and future generations. We need intelligent, common sense leadership from our elected officials.

Brigita Wohlsein


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