Where are the constitutionalists?


The passage by the Montana House of Representatives of House Bill 198, which would strengthen the ability of both private and public institutions to take private property for either profit or bureaucrats’ pet projects, leaves me to wonder where are all the constitutionalists who were elected last fall? While the U.S. Constitution was recently read in Congress and the Tea Party people are pressing politicians to return our country to the fundamental principles of the founding fathers, we in Montana are blessed with elected officials who vote to weaken our constitutional rights.

Consider that they can and probably will take your property for access to state and federal land; recreational access; wild lands and monument designations; transmission and pipeline routes; public and private roadways; species habitat including sage grouse, bison, and predators; railroads and grassland for cropland.

I urge all state senators to stand up and defeat HB 198 that leaves landowners as sacrificial lambs in someone else’s scheme to subvert the original intent of the U.S. and Montana constitutions.

Darrell Garoutte

Wolf Point

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