Petrol poppycock


Double talk is on the march. How can Sen. Max Baucus say, in the same breath, that gas prices are too high and to lower them we need to hike taxes on oil producers? Doesn’t he realize that increasing the fixed business costs, via a tax hike, for companies that produce gasoline will result in higher prices for gas? Does Baucus need to go back to Econ 101 for a refresher course?

Or is Baucus trying to capitalize on a hot-button issue that a lot of people are worried about right now, and using some slick rhetoric to pull the wool over our eyes? No one wants to pay more for gas, but using high prices as an opportunity to whack oil companies doesn’t help the situation. It only makes it worse.

Baucus is behind a tax hike proposal on energy that will be coming up for a vote in the Senate very soon. His political sleight of hand hasn’t fooled this voter, and I doubt it’ll fool many of his colleagues on the Hill either.

Mitch Staley


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