More than just neighbors


This letter is in response to Muth-Hillberry attorney Don Snavely’s comments that growth plans are the product of “a bunch of neighbors that get together and tell a bunch of other neighbors what to do with their property” (see “Neighbors’ fragile win,” June 2). Mr. Snavely neglected to mention that the public process involved in the Rattlesnake Comprehensive Plan included University of Montana students, many citizens groups, the Board of County Commissioners, former mayor Dan Kemmis, the Missoula City Council, Rattlesnake Middle School students, multiple neighborhood meetings, the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board, the Office of Community Development, the Missoula Public Works Department, and many city, county, state, and federal agencies as well as private organizations. It was signed off on by Mayor Kemmis and former county commissioners Fern Hart and Michael Kennedy.

The Montana Supreme Court’s decision against the Sonata Park development was unanimous and scathing. The Supreme Court recognizes that comprehensive growth plans allow neighborhoods to have a say in deciding how they will grow. We think that’s a good thing.

Harold and Jan Hoem


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