Obama is a Republican.


I do not see why the Republican Party bothers with choosing between the political nonentities that are vying to carry the party’s standard in the fall of 2012. The perfect Republican candidate is already in the White House. All the party needs to do is nominate President Barack Obama and be assured of a victory in November.

In 2008, candidate Obama ran as a liberal Democrat but he showed his true colors after entering office. Even before January 2009, Obama colluded with President Bush to bail out their buddies (and financial backers) on Wall Street. The TARP rescued the big banks and brokerage firms and kept the plutocrats in the boardrooms and CEO offices.

Candidate Obama ran on a platform of fiscal restraint, but he followed the Ronald Reagan promise of cutting government while actually expanding federal power and deficits. President Reagan borrowed trillions from Japan to fund the largest peacetime defense buildup in history. Reagan also expanded other government programs at the same time he cut taxes on the rich. President Obama continues to back a bloated Pentagon budget and gave billions in subsidies to energy companies, railroads and construction firms, all in the name of “economic stimulus.”

Candidate Obama promised to end the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Once in office, he cleverly engineered the two-year extension of low taxes for the rich while also cutting taxes on the middle class, thereby adding to the budget deficit. He did this over the opposition of many Democratic members of Congress.

Candidate Obama promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He ordered the cessation of combat operations in Iraq and transferred the war fighters to Afghanistan. So far, that worked. The number of casualties in Iraq is minimal and we still have 50,000 occupation troops in the country, protecting it from Iran and al Qaeda. The Iraqi Government is trying to find a way to keep our troops there past the end of 2011.

The war in Afghanistan rages on and dozens of Americans are dying there each month. Obama followed President Bush’s Iraqi surge strategy in hopes of defeating the Taliban, in spite of evidence that the Afghans cannot be subdued by arms alone. Like a good Republican, President Obama promises to stay the course, over the objections of the Democrats.

President Obama one-upped his predecessor by starting a third war against an Islamic nation. He is also calling for “regime change,” “nation building” and the imposition of democracy on the Middle East. Like George H. W. Bush, Obama convinced a lot of allies to join the U.S. in attacking Libya. Obama went a little further and let the allies bear the brunt of the fighting.

Candidate Obama campaigned on the platform of affordable health care. President Obama delivered a law that required everyone to buy health insurance. This did not make health care affordable, but it did give a lot of money to the insurance companies. Just as Bush’s Medicare Part D drugs-for-seniors program benefited the drug companies, the biggest beneficiaries of Obamacare are the moneybags in the insurance industry.

President Obama hastily signed a four-year extension of the Patriot Act after 76 senators voted for it. This was after he had protested against government overreach when on the campaign trail. Now government whistle-blowers are being jailed for trying to expose financial irregularities. They are being charged under the 1917 espionage act.

About the only “liberal” thing President Obama has done is to end the ban on gays in the military. But of course, this increases the population of possible military recruits by 10 percent.

During the standoff over the debt ceiling, President Obama gave his party everything they wanted and then gave the Tea Party cover to vote against him. President Obama and the Republican leadership stalled the negotiations until the last minute in order to manufacture a crisis. He then maneuvered the Democrats into surrender in order to “save the full faith and credit of the American Government” from impending and unfathomable disaster. In spite of the no-votes of half of the congressional Democrats, Obama agreed to cut Social Security, cut Medicare, and cut social programs while barely touching the Pentagon budget. He also did not raise taxes on the richest citizens and corporations while adding to the tax burden on the middle class and Main Street businesses. The debt ceiling deal again rescued the stock market. After the Dow dropped nearly 1,000 points in a week, it timidly started to climb by 20 points two days after signing the debt ceiling bill. Wall Street insiders who sold the market short made a killing and the average investor got taken to the cleaners again.

Finally, there is Osama bin Laden. President Bush hunted for this terrorist mastermind for seven years. Or perhaps he did not want to find bin Laden. Obama made the extermination of bin Laden a priority and the U.S. security apparatus tracked him down and killed him in only 28 months. When Obama announced the kill on TV, he said, “We got him,” and credited the CIA and Navy SEALs for the hit. You have to realize that the White House was in real-time radio contact with the SEALs during the raid. Therefore it is easy to assume that Obama ordered the SEALs to kill bin Laden and not to capture him alive. No one outside the government has seen the photos of bin Laden after he was shot in the head. Is this to keep the public from seeing that Bin Laden was executed while on his knees, rather than being shot during the heat of battle?

The Republicans should run President Obama as their nominee. The Democrats can run Hope-and-Change Candidate Obama as their man, and they can hope he will change.

Four More Years!

Jim Beyer


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