Hate drop


Earlier this month, Missoula and the University of Montana were defiled with racist messages that disturbed and offended many community members. The stickers and fliers containing the racist messages specifically targeted American Indians and African Americans. The press reported that the fliers sported the name of a well-known white supremacist organization, the Montana Creators. The Montana Creators are a subset of the Creativity Movement, an anti-Semitic and racist group that believes people of color are inferior “mud races.”

As you’d suspect, Missoulians have been wondering who is responsible for the literature drop. We have a pretty good idea. One of my staffers was in Missoula the weekend of September 17 and happened to observe a few Billings “Creators” hanging out near a gas station. These activists routinely brag about conducting similar literature drops in Yellowstone County. While we can’t say for sure, it seems like more than a coincidence that “Creator” literature was found in Missoula that weekend.

The Billings “Creators” probably took their hate on the road in an attempt to make their presence in Missoula larger than it really is. We appreciate all the calls we’ve received from community members regarding the literature. It’s clear that our members in Missoula, along with the community at large, are committed to standing against the “Creator” agenda and keeping Missoula a welcoming place.

Travis McAdam

Montana Human Rights Network


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