Organic stands for something


What an interesting read on the life of Barry Flamm (see “Barry Flamm’s frontier,” Oct. 27, 2011).

Barry Flamm will be a guest speaker at the Montana Organic Association’s Great Organic Roundup, in Billings, December 9 and 10 at the Mansfield Health Education Center.

The Montana Organic Association is the voice of Montana’s organic community. It provides information, support, promotion and representation for those involved in organic production and distribution. Over 20 years ago, farmers and consumers went to the legislature to put into law a definition of “organic” so the word couldn’t be misused. That same group of people brought third-party organic certification to the state, and now Montana ranks first among all the states in the production of certified organic wheat and second in organic production of all grains, peas, lentils and flax.

The conference will highlight a series of roundtable discussions among the participants as well as the Department of Agriculture’s new Drift Watch Mapping Program and how to deal with the legal ramifications of chemical trespass, the creation of an organic seed co-op in Montana and the use of a seed oil press to create energy independence on the farm. Information about the conference can be found at

As was mentioned in the article, organic isn’t just a marketing tool. The organic seal stands for something: a rigorous process, full transparency and oversight. Barry Flamm devoted much of his energy to protecting the health of farmers, consumers and the environment through his commitment to organics. We appreciate the man’s dedication and perseverance and look forward to seeing him in Billings.

Lou Ann Crowley


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