Destroying democracy


I was at Partnership Health Center recently, waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I picked up Newsweek, partly because there was a picture of President Obama on the cover. I turned to the cover article and began reading an amazingly balanced and rational overview of the president’s accomplishments so far. The article mentioned that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law was still in effect, which prompted me to turn to the cover for the date. The issue of Newsweek I was reading was from November 2, 2009, and the article was a review of the things that the president had accomplished in his first year in office.

The article describes our system of government as one based on compromises and checks and balances. The pace it moves at is slow. Presidents are not dictators but (hopefully) leaders, and are limited in their choices for change.

There was a quote from the article in large bold print on the page. I want to share it with others, because it summarizes many of the issues talked about in the article. “If the American people want the president to be more like the Barack Obama they elected, perhaps they should start being more like the voters who elected him.”

Not since the time before the Civil War have we had people in our government who wanted to destroy our system of democracy. These individuals are not interested in compromise. They are not interested in the people who work at McDonald’s or clean the office buildings they work in, who teach in our public schools, who work in mines, factories and retail stores. They are not interested in helping disabled people or supporting children who have had no advantages or chances to succeed. These people often call themselves Christians but apparently are reading a Bible I fail to recognize. They vigorously oppose methods to prevent unwanted children but have no desire to assist these children when they are born. They have access to the latest technology and so feel that the postal service is no longer needed.

Our planet and country are at risk. If we continue on our course, our future is in doubt. I hope that people will have the wisdom and understanding to realize that the stakes are high now, and these problems will affect us all. Please consider these things as our elections near.

Rachel López


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