Keep it warm


A belated congratulations on “The invisible man” [Dec. 22]. Jayme Feary and the Independent bring up the important issue of homelessness at the perfect time. It’s January. Everybody knows what that means. The recession has caused more homelessness than people realize—after all, not all homeless people panhandle. I’ve never been homeless myself, but I know many people who are and many more who are close to being so. I commend Feary and the Independent for bringing a compassionate perspective to the panhandling debate. And kudos to the awesome cop who pointed the way to the Pov—which is virtually the only shelter in town, by the way. Also big thumbs-up to the kids (and dogs too, I guess) who still see and pay attention to the world around them. And to the adults who cared: good for you for seeing outside the bubble most of us travel in.

Speaking of the Poverello Center, please support them in their vital work. Also the YWCA and Missoula’s Family Promise faith-based program (I’m not religious myself, but I deeply appreciate Christians who walk the talk). If you shuffled by a panhandler today, for whatever reason, please give the money you might have given him or her to one of these laudable programs.

Gwen McKenna


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