You’re killing me


Ari LeVaux’s column [“Milk is murder,” Dec. 29] appears simultaneously schizophrenic and intentionally provocative—but his apparent ignorance of any milk other than animal-derived calls for a response. Why should humans steal animals’ milk and lives when delicious, nutritious, plant-based options exist—coconut, rice, soy, and almond? Answer: Because the dairy industry has been brainwashing consumers and raking in subsidies for decades.

True, factory farm-produced milk is murder, and cows and calves grieve when separated. Not only do animals lead emotional lives, they also value their own lives. In fact, our forebears, the animals, want pretty much what we human animals want—life, liberty and the pursuit of their own interests. The doe and fawn wanted that, but LeVaux was okay blowing them away because they were “spared the grief of losing one another.” An ounce of compassion doesn’t negate the forcible robbery of life—call it murder if you want.

“The inherent tragedy of consuming animals”? Oh please! Since consuming animals isn’t necessary for human health (despite decades of the livestock industry brainwashing consumers and raking in subsidies), it’s an elective tragedy of human appetite. I agree with LeVaux that meat-eaters who kill their own are more honest about the violence and death they’re consuming than are those who eat factory-farmed misery (letting Tyson Foods do the dirty work). But “more honest” is damning with faint praise. Total honesty would be admitting that you’ve made a decision of conscience to submit to “savage hormones” and kill for mere appetite.

Kathleen Stachowski


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