Let ’em trap


Wow. I would think you and your readers have had enough of this anti-trapping rhetoric, but I guess not (see Letters, Feb. 16). Some guy minding his own business doing what he wants and some nosey person with binoculars is watchin’. Yes, beaver are beautiful but harvesting them doesn’t hurt them today as it did in 1820. Same with any furbearer that is harvested. Enough propaganda on how they die. Odds are the trapper used a body gripper that kills them instantly. Pretty? Nope. But quick.

Everything has a season and people, whether you like their sport or not, have the right to choose their sport. They don’t need your blessings any more than you need theirs when you walk the dog.

I live on the Clearwater and have two dogs. When I take them out for a walk I am aware of snowmobilers and trappers—and they are on a lead because of it. I can’t mount up and ride the ol’ saddle-mule because of snowmobilers. It’s their season, so I don’t ride.

If you hate and despise trapping, so be it, but let those who do (I no longer trap) do it.

I like wolves, too, but if one was taking a toll on my stock I’d defend them. I bet most of you might hate that idea, too.

Until spring keep Fido on a leash. Let folks of all walks of life enjoy what they want. Most folks who deal with the natural resources of this great state understand the need to manage (not exterminate) those resources. Harvesting is never pretty, nor should it be taken lightly, but as a conservationist it should be done.

Angelo Pecora

Seeley Lake

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