Don’t believe “Dan”


An anonymous commentator stated in a post that appeared in the online version of the Missoula Independent on Feb. 23 that I am a lobbyist for Arch Coal. I am not, nor have I ever been, nor does anyone in my Helena firm lobby for Arch. I want to thank the Independent for quickly removing this comment when it was brought to the editor’s attention. The poster, calling himself “Dan,” posted this comment on other newspaper web sites as well, using a different name, in an apparent attempt to discredit Jesse Laslovich behind a cloak of anonymity. Had “Dan” taken two minutes to check the Secretary of State’s web site, “Dan” would have realized that his information about me was wrong, and thus his theory regarding my donation was wrong. But that would have taken two minutes; apparently far too long for “Dan” to wait. For the record, my contribution to Jesse’s campaign was a personal one, made with my money because I like and respect Jesse, and consider him a personal friend. Not that it’s any of your business...“Dan.”

John MacDonald


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