Jesus doesn’t save taxes


I have lived in the state of Montana for 42 years and have been luckier than most. I have never found myself between jobs. I have worked in many occupations, including home health care, nurse’s aid work, aerobics instruction, ranch work, dog grooming, auto detailing, food service, bartending, snow plowing, janitor work and contract driving for the U.S. Postal Service. I have held this contract driving job for the USPS for the past 12 years. I have never had to accept any government handouts such as farm subsidies, food stamps, or any program Rep. Denny Rehberg labels as welfare. I have been paying approximately 35 cents on the dollar in taxes.

I have been following stories in the newspapers about Rehberg’s attempt to save the Jesus statue on the ski hill. I would appreciate any information Rehberg could give me regarding how much the plane rides to Washington, the lawyers and the man hours spent saving this statue has cost me, a Montana tax payer, so far. I am sure the veterans that this statue is meant to honor would be ashamed and embarrassed about the amount of money spent saving a memorial to veterans. I think that they would want this money spent helping our veterans recently returning from war.

Rehberg is running for political office on a platform that includes the desire to keep big government out of our daily lives, while simultaneously hard at work to allow Homeland Security the right to trample every environmental law created in this state 100 miles south of the Canadian border. I am not sure whether he is trying to save this memorial for political or religious reasons, but common sense tells me he is wasting my money as a tax payer.

Tonya Marshall


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