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I pen this letter with a heavy heart. I’m afraid the United States of America that we know and love just may be in her last days. Right is wrong, up is down, and there seems to be no common sense left anywhere.

Earlier this month, after a six-month forensic investigation by a team of law enforcement professionals, Joe Arpaio, a sheriff in Arizona, called a news conference to announce the findings of that investigation. He found there was definite probable cause that both the birth certificate and the Selective Service registration card released by the White House as being that of President Barack Obama were forgeries.


If a duly sworn officer of the law says the evidence he’s uncovered has revealed probable cause that a crime has been committed, that means that any reasonable person would come to the same conclusion when presented with the evidence at hand. If any reasonable person in this audience of readers would like to see the evidence for themselves, the video of the press conference and the evidence presented can be easily found on the internet. Unfortunately, most folks on both sides of this issue have a preconceived opinion based upon their political leanings, rather than bothering with messy little things like the facts.

Here we have a sitting president who has released documents that a duly elected officer of the law says are forgeries. If that’s not news, I don’t know what is. That should have made four-inch headlines on the front page of every newspaper in America. But it was nowhere. Instead, countless gallons of ink were spilled across the pages of our fair state’s newspapers day after day, with countless angry people calling for a judge to resign over a stupid off-color joke.

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. A judge with a dirty joke on his rap sheet is newsworthy and the president presenting forged documents is not? The free press in our country must all be on a lunch break.

It’s patently obvious that either Arpaio or Obama is lying, and nobody even seems to care. I suppose many people must think that Arpaio is just some sort of a right-wing nut job. That’s usually the first derogatory accusation that’s directed toward anyone that dares question anything about our president. If that happens to be your stance, I challenge you to see the facts for yourself.

This is far bigger than politics. If the sheriff is indeed a nut job, and he has no probable cause, then he needs to be exposed for a fraud and his badge should be ripped from his chest. But, if the opposite is true, then we need to deal with the facts and proceed out of the horrible mess it creates the best we can. Unfortunately, ignoring the elephant in the room is not going to make him go away.

I’ve written to our senators, our representative and our state attorney general, as well as countless other officials, and to date have only received the courtesy of one reply, from a member of the Montana Legislature.

It’s inconceivable that anyone holding the highest office in our land could actually have the audacity to engage in fraud, forgery and the willful deception of the American people to this degree. If proven, this is the biggest story since July 4, 1776—and folks on both sides of the aisle just can’t believe it could possibly be true.

If we don’t have the rule of law, our country is over. The result is total anarchy. If the White House is above the law, why should anyone else bother to obey it?

All of us—Democrats, Republicans, independents and everyone in between—need to stand tall and make our voices heard loud and clear in the halls of Congress. We need to contact our representatives and demand a Congressional hearing to get to the bottom of this sordid mess. Let’s forget our political posturing and worry concerning the coming elections and get the facts on the table, so we can deal with them. The very survival of our country depends upon it.

Ken Overcast


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