Send Wilmer to Washington


This year Montanans have an opportunity to elect someone to Congress who will put our interests first. At a time when we see laws and policies instituted that benefit the few at the expense of the majority, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect a candidate, Franke Wilmer, to Congress who will work to represent the majority of Montanans.

Coming from a modest background, Franke often worked two jobs simultaneously while finishing college. Today, she’s a professor of Political Science and International Relations at Montana State University as well as the representative for District 64 in the Montana House. Franke served as Speaker Pro Tem during her second term and was appointed by Gov. Brian Schweitzer as chair of the Montana Human Rights Commission.

Franke understands the need for good, sustainable jobs and affordable healthcare and that the protection of the rights and benefits of retirees are of critical importance to Montanans.

She believes that a strong economy should provide people with economic security and that framing the issue as a choice between economic growth that provides good sustainable jobs or environmental protection is a false choice.

She is a strong supporter of public education and believes that education is both an investment in our economic future and is fundamental to a functioning democracy.

With the numerous challenges we presently face as both Americans and Montanans, Franke Wilmer stands out as the candidate who has the background, the demonstrated record and the position on issues to best represent us in the U.S. Congress in order that we can meet these challenges for ourselves, our state and our country.

Wes Miles


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