Decline to sign CI-108


There are petition signature gatherers across the state of Montana trying to get a measure on the ballot to amend the state constitution to say that personhood begins at conception. This measure, known as CI-108, has no exemption for pregnancies from incest or rape, would put women who experience miscarriage under scrutiny and could outlaw birth control and stem cell research. I don’t need or want government policy determining my values and making personal choices for me, especially in matters that are very personal and can often have complex circumstances surrounding them. We are all entitled to our feelings, beliefs and values. We deserve the opportunity to make our own choices that are in our best interest.

CI-108 is an assault on personal freedom and choice. I do not subscribe to the strategy to have religious views dictate policy in the form of law to take away my rights nor those of any other woman in this state. There are more important issues to focus on than meddling in the private affairs of individuals. Montanans, don’t take measures to change our state constitution lightly. Decline to sign CI-108!

Christine Ross


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