Agenda 21: It’s big


Regarding your recent article by Gina Knudson entitled “Hail the collaborators” (July 5): Kudos to the “little people” of the middle road who are portrayed as just rural, country, neighborly folk, now termed the “radical center” by Courtney White of the Quivira Coalition.

Standing by while the two extremes fight it out for control is pretty much akin to the German Lutheran Church, whose leadership believed the church could maintain a neutral position and be left alone while Germany’s fearless leader charted a new path for the Third Reich prior to WWII; the church became the German Reich Church and its previous leadership either fled the fatherland or was imprisoned.

Referring to the United Nations Agenda 21 and everything it has spawned since its original inception and release in 1992 as a “white paper” is about the same as referring to the tsunami that recently devastated Japan as a minor tidal change. Either Ms. Knudson has no concept of this little “white paper” at all (which is by no means a “white paper” but rather a very lengthy dissertation), has merely accepted an interpretation or reference to it from someone else or just doesn’t care to consider its impact on the world as we know it, but she is providing a huge disservice to her readership with her shrugged reference to a monumentally and fundamentally existence-changing action that has been invading our lives with restrictions and limitations never intended by the designers of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

To be clear, we do not have a “democracy” (and it had better NOT be “hard at work”); we have a representative republic. To continue referring to it as a democracy is a pretty clear act of deception to all of her neighbors and readers; another simple example of distortion meant to manipulate.

Michael Gale


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