Healing my heart


I would like to thank the Zootown Arts Community Center and Hospice of Missoula for the creative workshops they opened to the public for free in celebration of the Day of the Dead throughout the month of November. As those of us who know how painful and hard the loss of a loved one can be, whether expected or unexpected, these workshops provided a welcoming and loving atmosphere to help channel grief and sorrow into something creative and unique through the arts. The donation of their time, the ZACC space and materials for their various art projects were much appreciated by myself and the many many others who participated. I can personally say their contribution to helping the community express their grief in constructive and uplifting ways has helped in the healing of my heart. We are blessed to have ZACC and Hospice of Missoula recognize and respond to the need to have positive interactive ways to celebrate life even after death.

Colleen Alber


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