A sick body politic


The filibuster overhaul supported by Bob Brown and Anders Blewett is a nice idea (see Letters, Dec. 27), but it is nothing more than treating the symptom of an illness rather than going to the cause and changing whatever behavior or action caused the symptom in the first place. The filibuster itself isn't the problem, it's the people who abuse it. Brown is a Republican and former Secretary of State. Mr. Blewitt is a Democrat and currently a Montana legislator. Being members of the two major parties exposes their respective strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths being that they are part of the organizations that have the power to make or rescind the nation's and state's laws. Their weaknesses being that they are part of the organizations that have the power to abuse the nation's and state's laws, and they can rarely look past their own party allegiance and political duopoly.

Filibuster overhaul is not what is needed to cure our ills, it's political overhaul—a political overhaul that recognizes that we, as a nation, have outgrown the two-party system. A two-party system that is doing more to hinder the growth of our government than help it grow and prosper. For that we need new blood, new ideas, new parties and new oxygen flowing in the body politic. 

Yet try to get a former Republican elected official, or a currently serving Democratic elected official, to admit and speak up for what so many of us regularly acknowledge and wish for. No, they'd rather speak about what their parties can do to overhaul symptoms, rather than going to the root of the problem—the ossified two-party male-majority political system.

John Marshall

Hot Springs

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