Wolf woes


We believe a biased judge disrupted a reasonable and legal process to close the wolf hunt after too many Yellowstone National Park wolves were taken. We are asking for a return to the wolf management plan as in 2011 when a very low quota protected many YNP wolves.

Gilbert’s ruling contains many irrelevancies and biases, like her argument that we need to take out wolves because they depredate on livestock. Not in the YNP area they don’t.

If the folks at the top of the ladder would take the scientists’ findings, they would learn the good things that have happened in the national parks after the reintroduction of the wolves, such as vegetation growing and the otters, the moose, the song birds and the beaver coming back.

We would like every one involved in voting to vote “no” on HB 73.

Linda L. and Larry L. Rabe

Toppenish, Wash.

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