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I am the President of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide. I disagree with the quote of Emily Bentley that assisted suicide is legal under the Montana Supreme Court case, Baxter v. Montana. That case merely gives assisting doctors a potential defense to prosecution for homicide. The case offers no protection to non-doctors. The case gives no protection to anyone from being sued by angry family members who suddenly find their loved one dead from a lethal prescription.

One reason we oppose legalization is due to the abuse that is already occurring in Montana in which patients are pressured to give up on treatment and/or are given morphine to cause their deaths without their consent. A prominent example is Dr. James Mungas, who was effectively euthanized against his will. If the abuse cannot be controlled now, when assisted suicide and euthanasia are not legal, how will it be controlled if these practices are made legal?

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Bradley Williams


Montanans Against Assisted Suicide


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