Dear Jon (and Max)


Think we have a representative form of government? Nothing could be further from the truth. Want to prove it to yourself? Try writing to either of our "good senators" with a question or concern and wait for a response. The reply, if you even get one, will be political double speak, a non-committal statement or a form letter.

I have called the office of Sen. Baucus on several occasions and was told by senator's staff that the senator was too busy to answer letters for constituents. Try telling your employer that you don't have time to answer their questions; you would quickly join the ranks of the unemployed. So, why do we tolerate this kind of behavior from our elected officials?

Our senators seem to have forgotten that they are accountable to the people who sent them to Washington. Both Sens. Tester and Baucus have faithfully followed the party line while promising the people of Montana everything under the sun. They have supported our president and his policies to the detriment of all Americans. They have passed bills without reading them, voted for unpopular amendments, advocated use of the IRS to intimidate and mislead the people of Montana.

Form letters, dodging issues important to Montanans, blindly supporting the current administration policies, abject loyalty to the Democratic Party, ignoring the will of the people and political double speak—these are not the attributes of an elected officials.

Think we have a representative form of government? Think again. Our senators are only representing their party's interest. They really don't care how their votes affect the rest of us as long as they blindly follow party doctrine.

John Mello


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