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So, the trees of Crazy Canyon were recently thinned, as in cut down and killed. Why? Fire danger, bug infestation, forest enhancement or really just something to do? (See “Scary prognosis,” Sept. 19)

Every day, trees, which are living things, are ignorantly cut down and killed. Are we at war with the trees? What is going on here, really? Maybe we are at war with ourselves, and we vent it out on the trees. Why do we decide that certain trees are not allowed to live? Who do we think we are?

No wonder our environment is in sad shape. We are not living with our environment. We are living against it. We are here to accept and love ourselves and the environment. We want to nourish the environment and see it flourish. We want healthy trees and a healthy environment in which to live.

Finally, it is a mystery why no one speaks up for the thinned dead trees of Crazy Canyon. Maybe the people just don’t care or are too timid. Maybe it is all just for money.

Let’s wake up and change our thinking now!

Rev. Harry Strong



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