Off target


I like your paper and read every issue cover to cover, but I was surprised to find a tirade by a poorly informed hypocrite in the food section (see "Hunting just got harder," Oct. 17). In the article, the writer complains of an ammo shortage—an ammo shortage caused by anti-gunners like Obama, the Clintons and Bloomberg trying to restrict guns and ammo purchases. Gunners are all stocking up, thus leaving the writer no ammo to hunt with. Too bad.

This writer is a hypocrite because he thinks it's okay to use his rifle but not others. AR originally stood for armalite rifle, not automatic rifle. Today, they are called Modern Sporting Rifles, or MSRs. They look different than bolt action rifles but function same way. One pull of the trigger causes one bullet to come out of the barrel. Everybody wants to use the best tool available to do a job. The MSR is the most reliable, durable and accurate rifle a hunter can get.

MSRs can be had in any caliber, not just the stupid zombie .223 caliber that hunters never use. The writer of this article is an idiot and should be given an IQ test before getting a hunting license. MSRs do not mow things down—lawnmowers do. Use of these rifles does not, as the writer says, open the door to irresponsible and unethical shooting, such the unfathomable practice of hunting at night. Hunting with an MSR is not an insane practice, it's as safe and responsible as using any other weapon. It all depends on person using weapon.

I hope this writer never finds his .270 ammo because the woods will be much safer without this person running around with a gun.

Richard Brodowy


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