Off course


Regarding the recent opinion piece by Howie Wolke (see “Slippery slope, Feb. 13), Mr. Wolke may have expertise in hiking and outfitting but his statements illustrate that he knows nothing about mountain biking. He cannot decide whether we mountain bikers are actually road bikers (“Lycra-clad speedsters”) or downhill racers (“Let’s face it: Mountain bikers need all that protective gear because they’re not always in control.”) In fact, we are neither. We are simply outdoor adventurers who enjoy traveling at a bit faster pace than most hikers.

I’m no expert cyclist, but I ride my mountain bike about 2,000 miles a year, mostly on singletrack trails at an aggressive pace, and I cannot remember the last time I rode off the trail or crashed (“Bikers often veer off-trail just to keep from crashing.”). Mr. Wolke should stick to writing about subjects in which he has some knowledge.

Mark Reinsel


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