Dap for Daines


Montana has been made a role model for the rest of the nation to follow thanks to the work Congressman Steve Daines has done with the North Fork Watershed Protection Act (see "One more step forward," March 13). The legislation, which has passed through the House, was started by a Democrat (Sen. Baucus), and Daines' opponent in the Senate who is in supports of this bill. Doing the legwork to get the legislation passed is a testament to Daines' dedication to bipartisanship. Daines has shown that he knows how to put Montana's well-being ahead of party politics. This is imperative to the young voters of Montana like me to continue to put our trust and faith in our elected officials. It's a rare scene when groups like ConocoPhillips and wilderness societies come together, but that's the kind of leader Daines is and the kind of leadership we can continue to rely on. Thanks goes to Rep. Daines for his great work protecting the North Fork!

Heather Hoff


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