Unnecessary fear


Montana has a proud history of sharing public lands, but in reality, trapping significantly shuts out other forms of land use. How many people simply don't dare take their dog out on our public lands, fearful their beloved dog will be caught in a trap? Over 50 pets were trapped last year in Montana and FWP said that was not unusual. How many fear for their children?

Trapping isn't part of science-based management—most trapped animals aren't even counted or reported. The "incidental" catches are unknown and records are absent. How can this possibly be good for wild lands, or wildlife?

It's also time to consider the animals. Since the 19th century we have learned that pain and fear and distress are not functions of our "higher" brain. The animals experience the suffering caused by traps and the sometimes gruesome methods of killing much as we would.

It is time to stop this kind of torture on our public lands. It is time to stop unnecessary fear and pain on the lands we all share.

Mary Sarumi

Great Falls

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