Same old tricks


Why the surprise of Gov. Bullock's actions? He's running for reelection. Do recall in early 2007, knowing we voters could be had, and for chump change, Gov. BS and the legislature dusted off one of the oldest political cons in history and said, "Hey, let's see if we can buy the voters off with $440 million of their own money for the next election." Presto, bingo, the property tax rebate was passed, nearly two years before the election, and most everyone, including Gov. BS retained office. They bought our votes for roughly $400 per vote, no fools they.

Gov. Bullock's proposed $45 million of our money to the northeast part of the state will buy a lot of votes, no fool he. Ramping up logging on 5.1 million acres will do the same.

Meanwhile Ds and Rs keep the clammer up on the airwaves, and in print, to the joys of party bosses, increasing their status as geniuses, at the expense of the continued collective stupidity of the electorate. Forget about dark money, forget about media bias, forget about all that you're told is causing the problems in American politics. Just remember, as citizens our own collective apathy has to disappear before The Same Old becomes a thing of the past.

John Marshall

Hot Springs

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