Deeply saddened


I am deeply saddened by the tragedy of Diren Dede’s violent death in our hometown of Missoula. I want to express my deepest condolences to Diren’s family, friends and community, who have lost a life for what we will never understand. No words can describe this unfathomable tragedy. I am shocked and pained over this act of terrible, forever-unjustified violence. None of this can come close to the feelings, experience and sorrow of Diren’s family and community over the loss of their son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend, neighbor and student.

To the city, community and mayor of Missoula: Let us give any level of public, local and in this case international support and assistance possible for all involved! I would love to offer my help, expressing our deepest condolences, outreach and support, both as a native German, U.S. and Missoula resident, and as a caring human who calls Missoula her home.

There is no justification for how a boy, spotted trespassing in an open garage, was shot and killed by a Missoulian homeowner who was prepared to take a life. The thoughts of Diren’s family and community in a country far away, of his host family, friends and community here in Missoula, bring tears and sorrow to my heart.

I am aware of the grief and disbelief expressed in my native country over the murder of our young guest, and feel ashamed by how Missoula has made the international news for one of the worst reasons imaginable. I hope that our community will gear up to express support and offer any help possible to the victims of this horrible crime. Please let us share our support and love to honor the life of young Diren, who came to Missoula for a life-enriching experience.

Britta Bloedorn


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