Championing Edmunds


I first met Champ Edmunds a couple of months ago at a Lincoln-Reagan dinner held in Livingston. I instantly was impressed by his sincerity and passion for a better, freer life for Montana citizens. That night he did not give the typical politician’s speech filled with noncommittal statements, but rather with heartfelt beliefs.

I know that Champ will fight against over-regulation for both businesses and individuals; stop the IRS from targeting conservatives; eliminate dependency on foreign oil; put brakes on the EPA’s recent assault on coal plants and regulating Montana citizens from burning wood and wood pellets for heat; push back against Common Core allowing educational decisions to be made on a local level and he supports a full repeal of Obamacare.

I sensed a kindred spirit with Champ and I fully support Champ for Montana’s U.S. Senate.

Vicki Schultz

Candidate for HD 62


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