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Bob Wire

Sentimental Breakdown


Bob Wire’s latest overflows with classic country characters: heartbroken boozers, lovable transgressors, oblivious fools and a Coup de Ville enthusiast named “Cadillac Jones.” But the local musician—aka Ednor Therriault—doesn’t play his characters straight and he will not be backed into a corner of tear-in-your-beer schmaltz or self-important, pop-country crap. Even tunes that appear classically sentimental like “My Heartache and Me” can’t completely escape the tongue-in-cheek tone of the album’s title.

That’s not to say Sentimental Breakdown isn’t serious. On the contrary, it’s a dangerously engaging album. It may be less aggressive than the last Bob Wire effort, American Piehole, but his subtle wickedness and buoyant mockery here are just as potent as any face punch. The clap-happy “Jesus in My Heart” saddles itself to lines like “I’m prayin’ and I’m grinnin’ but I go right on sinnin’, long as I got Jesus in my heart;” each time the chorus becomes more deliciously unapologetic. And in “Adios and Vaya Con Dios,” a guy breaks up with his smoking, drinking, enabling girlfriend lest he go early to his grave. 

You can’t beat the candor on Sentimental Breakdown, and the rowdy cover of “Take Me Home Country Roads” is Bob Wire’s proverbial cherry on top. (Erika Fredrickson)

Bob Wire plays a CD-release show Saturday, March 15, at the Union Club at 9 PM. Free.

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