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Boldly Stride the Damned



Half of being a dope metal band is coming up with a dope metal band name. Boldly Stride the Damned nailed that. And they get downright wicked in the music department, too. Hailing from the metal mecca (jokes) of Kalispell, BSTD is a badass snapshot of contemporary metal that, according to their Facebook page, will spontaneously create babies and provide a +10 to all attributes, armor, and weapons. I hope that first part isn't true because I hate babies. The metal, however, is epic and meant to be taken seriously, featuring dirty Cookie Monster growls, over-the-top screams, and crisp, ferocious guitars. It sounds like they've been at it for years. Turns out these young'uns have only been at it for a year or so. This makes no sense considering the musical complexity of the songs and the brutality of their hooks.


The brutality comes from the standard-issue seven-string guitars and the guttural vocal trade-offs, but BSTD isn't afraid to get all melodic and Iron Maiden-esque with their guitar-isms. I'm going to say that their melodies are up there with Cole Porter and George Gershwin. Fact: BSTD will move to the Big City and get huge. Catch them now so you can say you were there.

Boldly Stride the Damned plays the Palace Thursday, July 7, at 9 PM with Idols, Burning Twilight, Mageddon, and LB.! $5/$10 18-20 years old.


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