Boulder Point (Bitterroot) Image

Boulder Point (7,753’) lies along a long west-northwest ridge-crest which it shares with three other high points, each over 9,000'. Some wonder why Boulder Point is considered a highpoint when three more-lofty points reside on the crest of the same ridge. If you ever visit Boulder Point, you will come to appreciate that the formidable effort required to reach this particular outcropping makes it a "destination" in its own right.

The route proceeds in a southeasterly direction from the Boulder Point Trailhead for about a quarter of a mile before turning due north and ascending sharply over the barren School Point on a sometimes difficult to discern trail. There is an automated backcountry weather station installed on the ridge.

The trail then turns more westerly and enters patches of very thick woods. The now easy to follow trail gains elevation quickly as it proceeds northwest along the ridge to the refurbished fire lookout on the ridge-crest.

Michael Hoyt

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