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Bury Your Dead

It's Nothing Personal



Nothing personal against Bury Your Dead, but I'm not sure if the world needs yet another melodic metalcore band. Yeah, I know, that's harsh. But while listening to their fifth release, It's Nothing Personal, I can't help but think this sounds like almost every band you hear when you flip your FM dial over to the Blaze.

From their chugging, machine-gun guitar riffs and gruff, tough-guy vocals, to their poppy vocal breakdowns (about failed relationships, personal struggles and the like), everything about Bury Your Dead screams carbon-copied plainness in my book.


That's not to say this Massachusetts quintet isn't good at what they do. They can write a catchy riff, and it's obvious by the structure of their songs that they're aiming for heavy rotation on prominent commercial radio stations and television show soundtracks.

The band also shows promise of expanding their reach beyond the customary fare of metalcore with "Closed Eyes," a track brimming with heavily detuned guitars, synth melodies and ambient sounds.

Still, they've got a long way to go before I'm convinced they've got a shelf life.

Hopefully, they'll experiment on future recordings, finding a new sound outside this crowded genre.

Bury Your Dead plays Ryan Creek Meadows on Wed., Aug. 19, at 6 PM as part of the Pedal to the Metal Tour with Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static-X, Suicide Silence and Hellzapoppin'. $35 plus fees.


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