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I read a joke somewhere on Twitter that the prominent indie rock acts these days, like Bon Iver, are so mellow they're hardly rock at all. "We must get our young people back on trucker speed," it said. It's true that many of the big acts now—The National, The Shins, Blind Pilot—make music more suitable for winding down at bedtime than buttrocking.

I agree, to a point. (Drugs are bad, kids.) But it's nice to have tunes to play while at home chilling out with a book. The Cave Singers' most recent album, No Witch, released in February 2011 on Jagjaguwar records, is a pretty, well-crafted, rich rock album that's complex enough to play again and again.

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The Seattle group was formed in 2007 from the ashes of the beloved Pretty Girls Make Graves. Its third release moves effortlessly between varied influences, from the bluesy guitars and Hammond organ on "Black Leaf" to the bongo drums and eastern sitar-style melodies on "Outer Realms." Lead singer Pete Quirk's slightly raspy voice accompanies but doesn't dominate the album. Songs sometimes build into more driving, toe-tapping anthems, like on "All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts" and "No Prosecution if We Bail," making me hopeful they can have it both ways and make enjoyable bedtime music but also crank it up and party live.

The Cave Singers and Poor Moon play the Badlander Sat., Dec. 1, at 9 PM. $12, 21+, advance tickets at


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