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The official line on Chairlift is that they formed in 2006 with the intention of recording background music for haunted houses. I assume that, like all good-hearted people, you hate Chairlift now. That's too bad, since after they defeated Sufjan Stevens in the Universe/History Pretension Pageant, they recorded Something. I know; dude—I know. But Something is not awful twee bleepingthat makes you want to punch a graphic designer in his American Spirit-hole. Something is in fact a fun pop album.

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For all the critical blathering about Nico on the moon, it sounds like nothing so much as Sinead O'Connor's The Lion and the Cobra. The synthesizers are there, with the reverbed-out falsetto harmonies behind them. The weird sense that you're listening to a single, borderline-crazy narrator is there, too. It's as if Duran died and the other Duran had to live in his old apartment and try to quit smoking. Something is straight-up '80s pop nostalgia with 2012 production values, and it is jaunty and fun. In short, it is easy listening.

Eighties nostalgia is touching because we're old now—all of us, even the very young—and we should accept that.


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