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Code Orange Kids

Love Is Love/Return to Dust



The Code Orange Kids are the best band from Pittsburgh, Penn., you've never heard and if I made top-10 lists they would rank numero uno for 2012. Attach whatever moniker you want to the foursome's aggro sound: post-hardcore seems most fitting, but I suggest FistCrashDeathKickFire.

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The opener, "Flowermouth (The Leach)," begins with drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan belching out screeching vocals alongside ratty syncopated bass notes. Total grindage ensues and the band slams through five different changes before resting on a quiet repetitive riff that could lull a geeked-up tweeker to sleep. In the span of two minutes and 26 seconds thegroup is able to make one want to take fists to every sad clown painting on the planet and then lovingly restore those paintings.

"Nothing (The Rat)" takes a turn for the heavier and manages to be something more than a jock-metal jam with, once again, big, sloppy bass bombs and a subtle slow-down near the end.

I have but one minor complaint: The overall production is a bit too cherry. It's clean almost to a fault. But so fruitin' what? These youngsters (average age: 19) know how to build heavy, gorgeous, bombastic tracks without cloying musical clichés. Speaking of clichés: These kids are not all right; they are unreal.

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